Join us Friday & Saturday, March 27 & 28 for our Trunk Show featuring the newest styles from one of our favorite menswear designers. Check out this excellent article snippet we recently stumbled upon that sheds some light on why we love Samuelsohn so much:



Three years ago, Samuelsohn was a hidden gem. Based in Montreal, the company founded by master tailor Lesser Samuelsohn in 1923 was still making remarkable full-canvas garments the old-fashioned way, but it wasn’t well known outside its league of loyal customers. That’s changing.

President and designer Arnold Brant Silverstone has managed to double the 90-year-old company without compromising its quality. More than eight hours of work goes into a Samuelsohn suit—they are all full canvas with one-piece collars and hand-sewn armholes. Today there are three collections: Performance, which features innovative waterproof and wrinkle-free wools; Collection, the classic full-canvas line that made Samuelsohn’s name; and Soft, a lighter collection of full canvas jackets and suiting for evenings and weekends.

“Our Performance line uses a Loro Piana fabric called Extreme that’s exclusive to us,” says Silverstone. “It’s the first Loro Piana fabric with natural stretch and also waterproofing. It’s a beautiful super 120s and 130s wool from Italy that looks rich, but also performs.”

Samuelsohn’s made-to-measure program is exceptional, both for its quick delivery and the tailors’ abilities to make just about anything. “I’ve never seen a factory that can do what they do,” Silverstone marvels.

“We’re a North American company,” he adds proudly. “We understand our customer and we live his lifestyle—we understand the fit and the fabrics and we’re designing just for him.”