Slowear Incotex glanshirt zanone


“The items in the collections are made with an almost manic attention to detail, using fine fabrics and adopting exclusive methods of treatment.”

Slowear is convinced that the only things you can do well are those you have expertise in. That is why the four brands that belong to the Slowear Group – Incotex (only trousers since 1951), Zanone (only knitwear since 1986), Glanshirt (only shirts since 1960) and Montedoro (only outerwear since 1958)– have made specialization their credo. Slowear brands promise a quality product, modern and durable because it is conceived, planned and designed with the aim of surviving fleeting trends and fast consumerism. All the collections with the Slowear brand propose informal wear that have the same philosophy and product characteristics in common: modernity, very high quality fabric and a very distinctive look. Each garment is the result of a careful, tenacious process from design to manufacture and the result is a product with a unique, timeless style.